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We just released a  brand new Excel Invoicing app that you can download and instantly use on your own computer. We called it easy-I!

Easy Invoicing for all

Free for 2 weeks | Pay Just 50,000 UGX when satisfied.

From our Excel Design Studio to your Business Premises

WHAT IS easy-I?

easy-I is an all in one Invoicing Solution that will help you discard the Invoicing Paper Work. It is a solution that offers you much more than just a simple invoice.

It is a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet based software that helps to automate processes such as creating invoices, tracking payments, maintaining an integrated product catalogue and customer database. Not only that, easy-I also auto generates a beautiful Dash Board that provides Insights into your Sales.

All this is done in one place and through the office software that most of us are already familiar with.

The Solution is not restricted to specific business sectors. This means that it can be used in service oriented business environments such as freelancing, law firms and advisory services – as well as in the retail business sector or any other business that involves handling physical goods or even a combination of goods and services.

Happy Invoicing.

The easy team


easy-I By Mr.Excel, your seasoned Excel Trainer



Multiple User Support

  • The System supports more than one user
  • An Admin can create as many users as required

Auto User Data Base Creation

  • User Data Base is automatically created


Detailed Customer Field Support

  • Customers are created prior to creating an Invoice

Auto Customer Data Base

  • A Customer Data Base is automatically generated


Supports multiple Invoice Templates

  • Select an Invoice template from a number of Pre-built templates

Supports multiple Invoice Templates

  • Generates Invoice using chosen template.
  • User has the ability to edit Invoice Lines but not the calculations.
  • User can edit the logo.
  • User Can then print the Invoice. [Print Area is already set up].


Auto Sales Data Base

  • Auto generates Sales Data Base from Invoices generated.

Auto Sales Dash Board [Report]

  • Auto generates a Sales Dash Board [Report] from the Sales Data Base.