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Data Analytics

We can help you analyse and visualise your data

The Data Consultant’s Top skilled analysts will Extract, Process, Analyse and Report on your data, irrespective of it’s volume.

You will be surprised at how much was hidden!!!


We create a 360 degree view of our customer’s data and enable smarter decision making through robust data warehousing and BI solutions, process frameworks and analytics solutions.


We empower your business users with self-service BI and enable them to derive actionable insights from your business data.

Big Data

Analyse your structured data to enable better customer intelligence and smarter operations, predict and mitigate risks, and drive product innovation.

Advanced Analytics

We discover patterns and trends in your business data, predict potential business outcomes and stay competitive, with advanced analytics.

Some cases, where we could apply Data Analytics

Issues may include:

  • Profitable customers defecting
  • Low Return on Investment
  • Low Response Rate to a marketing Campaign
  • Low sales from distributors
  • Inefficient Operations
  • We establish what data to extract from the Data Warehouse
  • We lay down strategies on how to extract that data from the Data Warehouse
  • We lay down strategies to analyse the data
  • Closely working with the stakeholders, we analyse the end results and develop insights that are valued by them.
  • We then develop an action plan based on the insights.
  • We implement the action plan to deliver expected outcomes.
  • We establish an acceptable unit of measure for the results.
  • We validate the action plan to confirm if it actually resulted into expected outcome.
  • Increased Market Share
  • Increased Return on Investment
  • Increased Response Rate
  • Increased Performance
  • Effective Operations