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Mr.Excel's Journey in Photos

Notes from his training escapades

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KCCA Training at the Greenbridge School of Open Technologies on the 5th of February 2016. The class was engaging. I cannot forget the first group that cracked the puzzle!!
ICPAU Training Workshop at the Imperial Royale Hotel: 16th to 17th of March 2017. The Accountants were a lively batch and motivated me throughout. I didn’t want to stop driving the points home.
ACFE Training Workshop at the Imperial Royale Hotel on the 24th of March 2017. The Certified Fraud Examiners were tickled by the implementation of Benford’s law using Microsoft Excel.
URA Training at the URA Training School: 18th to 21st of April 2017. I was pleased to reunite with my former workmates. The Practical Exercises were effective in taking the class through the hot afternoons.
URA Training at the URA Training School: 24th to 27th of April 2017. What an interesting lot these were? My humor lines database got richer. These distinguished ladies and gentlemen made the learning experience one to remember.
OAG Training at the OAG Headquarters: 2nd to 8th of May 2017. Using Excel to implement Benford’s Law arrested their attention.
URA Training at the URA Training School: 15th to 18th of May 2017. The use of Microsoft Excel Power Pivot to analyse over 5,000,000 records sounded like Music to their ears.


UEDCL Training at the Greenbridge School of Open Technologies: 22nd to 26th of May 2017. They were all ready to embrace the data revolution.
URA Training at the URA Training School: 29th May to 1st June 2017. Computing the Financial Year from the Date Field in a number of Transactions using the VLOOKUP was their Favorite. They no longer need to use the lengthy IF Function.
I had the privilege of sharing with Bawunha and Badebye Certified Pubic Accountants at their offices in Ntinda 5th June to 9th June 2017. It’s time all CPAs in Uganda embraced usage of Benford’s Law to unearth Fraudulent Transactions.
Uganda Communications Commission Staff had a good mix: Advanced Excel Analytics plus Reporting using Advanced Features of Microsoft Word: 13th June 2017 to 21st July 2017. I was really honored to share with the Telecommunications regulator.

10th July 2017 to 12th July 2017: Crunch time. Staff of Makerere University Business School trying to split a Full Name Field into First Name and Last Name Fields using the LEN, FIND, LEFT AND RIGHT Functions. Mr.Excel later introduced them to the New Flash Fill feature that performs the same task in a Flash

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